Why bother?

They put the quote and the picture here and I don’t know how to change it, so at least the quote is some good shit.

I thought, having come home from work, that I should start a blog. Why? Because Twitter is necessarily limited by word count. I also hate posting serious shit there, only to be told to get a blog. So, like, nothing here is set in stone and if you criticize me I will a) cry, and b) remind you of this fact. I’m probably gonna be talking about the same shit here that I like to talk about on Twitter or back on reddit when I still did that. I guess it’ll look a bit like my effortposting back on r/communists, but hopefully better developed. There’ll be the commie shit, but also art and lit posting.

If you don’t know me from Twitter and are here for whatever reason: the prognosis ain’t good, friend. I regularly make an ass of myself and I never follow through on plans. I will try to be serious if I can though.

If anything here is really good and developed, I might try to post it on libcom if they ever let me make an account on there, or it might end up in another theoretical organ. There are things in the works, but as of now, they lack form and definition.

The blog name is a Hegel reference.

trobarrhounawnskawntoohoohoordenenthurknuk — Joyce


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